How to make a popup with 2 pages

I don’t think there is a guide for this, but today i will show you how to add like a second page to open on a pop up like this

so in this case i am making a lab escape map. So to do this we will need 2 popups, go to one of the popups and put your title and your head text (if you wanna put a image on your popup just go here Custom images )

then go to Call to action, then go to call to action lable and put Next, then go to call to action channel and put what ever you want in it, (in my case i put we😂)

go to your second popup then just add your content text then go to open popup when receiving on and put your channel name from the other popup like this

so that is basically it, i hope this guide is helpful :grin:


Please don’t make guides like this. Don’t make guides that are too easy to make because there is no point to making them as people can do this themselves easily.

about that…

The difference is that it opens two popups (one from a call-to-action) but it’s basically just the same thing.


Nice guide. I have a guide modification idea:

If you want to add multiple pages, you can do the following:
To add more pages, add N powerups to the amount of pages in N you have.
Then you can make the text for the first slide, and every silde except the last slide. Be sure they call to action channel. For the next page, do the same steps using a different action channel, and open the popup when receiving on the original popup so that you have multiple pages. On the last page, just simply perform the last step, receiving on the channel used for the second-to-last popup.