How to make a one way collision platform in gimkit creative

For those of you who don’t know what a one way collision platform is its basically something you can jump through from the bottom but land on it on the top.
Now lets get started!!


First off you need to get a zone and you need to add these channels.
When player enters zone transmit on “Show prop”
When player leaves zone transmit on “Hide prop”


Next up get the prop your using (I’m using a dark wooden pole)and change these settings.
Turn the collision off.

Then turn the visibility scope to player.


Duplicate the prop your using and turn collision back on.
next add these channels and settings.

Then put both of your props right next to each other in the same place and place the zone above the props.

There you go! I hope this guide helped and if anyone has any questions or cant seem to get it put it in the comments!

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Doesn’t that just mean that the hole you falll through keeps making you fall through it again and again, creating an infinite loop.
Also, the platformer will become popular soon I’m sure. Maybe even top 10 most used. Since this is a platformer game use the tag by the way.

No its a something you can jump through from the bottom but cant fall through.

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It could be reversed into that if you move the zone though

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So it’s kinda like a one way dooR?

Yes it can be used as that too!!