How to make a moving platform (3/10, 🟩)

Hello guys it’s chunky. This will be using my guide on never use trigger chains, so that it’s easier. However this will still be very memory-using so beware! It will also be laggy, so make it only active when the player gets here. Anyway time to start.

Grab a property. Name it frame number.

Grab a trigger.

Let’s call this trigger the “main trigger” to remember it for now.
Now grab a prop (or platform) set it to not active on game start. Make it hide prop when receiving on “disappear” and show when receiving on a frame number. For this case the frame number will be 0. For the next prop the frame number should be 1, then 2, then 3, and so on.

Copy it a few times and change the channel. (show channel only)

Now grab a zone.

Make it the shape of the platforms.

Now grab a property.

Now grab two triggers.
The first one should receive on “yes” and in the blocks:

The second one should receive on “no” and in the blocks:

Now grab another property:

And now make the 'main trigger’s code to look like this:

Finally, Grab a teleporter.

Now copy the teleporter. Change the channel names for each teleporter.

Tip: I’m not copying the teleporter here that many times, however if you want yours to work smoothly you probably should.
Now you’re done!

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Nice guide!


For the the outlined blocks, you only need to do get property (YesorNo) because it’s a true or false property and you’re checking whether it’s true or not.


I know, I take javascript courses. I was messing around with variables however and they didn’t work for some reason. I was too lazy to replace the picture though, let me edit now

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Nice guide, It’s nice to see something new these days.

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Nice guide, chunky! I enjoyed it!

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Great guide! I’ll definitely use it in some of my games

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Yeah, I agree.
Our game…


I am sitting next to you
don’t respond to this


nice guide! this is explained pretty well and will be useful for alot of games.
great job on this!!