How to make a magic-8-Ball! [2/5🟧]

Hey there! Do you want to know how to make an 8-Ball with a little sass? Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get straight into it!

Chapter 1: The Frame

First, make your 8-Ball. I used Metallic (Dark) and Marble (Light) to make the 8-Ball,
It should look a little like this:
Screenshot 2023-12-10 14.35.58

Chapter 2: The Blocks
Place a text in the middle of the ball and change the color to whatever (On the text, where it says “Text Here”, change it or not, it doesn’t matter). Go into the “Blocks” Tab and click “On wire pulse”, in the blocks, create a variable called “rollednewNAME”.
Then make this with the blocks:
Screenshot 2023-12-10 15.29.12
(The TextBoxes you can put anything in, they’re the answers for the 8-ball)

Chapter 3: The wiring
Exit out of the blocks tab and place a button just behind the text.
Change the buttons settings to this:

Wire the Button to the Text (Button pressed → run wire pulse)

And there you have it! When you press the button a random answer will pop up!
I hope you enjoyed! I randomly came up with this as I was reading Clic Clac’s ____land Guide

Bye! Have a Beautiful day/night!



Nice guide! I originally thought that this was 8 ball pool, but then realized it was the other type of 8 ball.

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Nice guide! If you can add a video to the guide it would make it really good, just a suggestion

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Nice guide!

Unfortunately my computer doesn’t allow video recording…

Thats arlight, as i said, it was a suggestion.

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Ima be honest, that was actually the original thought

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great guide! also cool original idea :]

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Maybe if you get super lucky then it changes into a billboard eight ball

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What!? How?

this is a cute guide! Great idea…

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Bump Rolling…
Hey, magic 8 checkboxes, how good is this guide?

I don’t care!
Why? Are you trying to get my personal information???
-snoring sounds ensue-

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but then it’s not magic, it’s just random :cry: