How to make a lobby in game

I need help with making a lobby in my game

2.Remember this:
3.Can you stop saying you’re leaving then not?

I am sorry. I am actually trying

But can you help me?

Sure just elaborate on what you need

So I need help making a godzilla themed lobby

Alright maybe add a miniature version of:

then use people emojis of them running away from the miniature godzilla Person running emoji::running_man:


for llama lady

eiq reinvited you to you know what you also got an invitation to a secret padlet so check your email.
eiq couldn’t invite you back on you know what for some reason but today it worked


what does it have to be 13 yrs old? Some people that are less than 13 yr old are still mature and need help on gimkit, just saying :3

That’s on Gimkit Forums’ (i think) in Terms Of Service. Gimkit doesn’t want to go to court or something just because they didn’t ban a person under 13.

I mean like, shouldn’t Gimkit be less strict about ages? because some people under age of 13 play gimkit, 10+ is better though

No, Gimkit didn’t add that rule. It’s from the Terms Of Service. Gimkit is also not fine with people under 13 making an account because of the Terms Of Service.

If they wouldn’t add that rule probably, then they could get into court or something.

And @Noob_Game_Creator1, can you please elaborate on making a lobby in your game?

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Oh ok thanks! I pretty sure the Terms Of Service know what they’re doing though, but thanks

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heres some things i thought of to add to your lobby, or to spice it up!
add an update log!
briefly explain the plot of your game with text, or give some background information.
if your game is complicated, try to explain how to play it a bit.

if you want more ideas, check out this guide.

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