How to make a Level/EXP System! (IN GAME ONLY!), and the illusion of getting stronger! 4/10 or 🟨

Yeah, If I could edit this guide, I would, thanks for the tip!


10th like! (Great guide by the way)



How to get the set text block?

From a game overlay.

I’m confused. The entire thing doesn’t work. Nothing works, the exp won’t go up, I receive no notification that I leveled up, what am I supposed to do?

Is your property a Number and did you follow everything in the guide?

Maybe I should just quit gimkit

I did everything, and it still doesn’t work

Is your property/ies a number?

Yes, I have looked and it is a number

oh, i see my mistake

Don’t give up just because of one thing.

Haven’t you ever heard, “Never back down never what?”


Wait don’t quit!!!Is the sentry not spawning, is your inventory slots set to 0, did you use the exact block code, don’t give up! How about you post an
:insert help tag: post?

I also have the vague idea of something with a counter, target value, and a property, which is up for people’s use as long as they credit me.

Can anyone tell me how to do this? I would like to know.

If “Get property Level” > (Number you want the player to be above)
Do (whatever you want)
(do the block code in a rigger, and link it to whatever you want!)

Could you show me a picture of the block code?

I won’t be able to see it though, because I’m about to leave, but if you do, it’s appreciated!

Thanks for coming back to respond!

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