How to make a kraken in Gimkit | CREDIT: @Riptide

Today, I will show you how to make a Kraken in Gimkit. Rather, it is a land kraken, one that comes out from the ground and reaches out to take hold of gims to devour them!

Here’s How.

  1. Search up “Groundbreaking” in the props. Select a plant with ONLY ONE VINE COMING OUT. Go to “Featured” and make sure to set “Shadows Enabled” to “No” FOR EVERY DIFFERENT PLANT YOU USE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE SELECTING SHADOWS ENABLED → NO.

  2. Tint all of the plants black.

Like So:

  1. Take one barrel (The one without rings) and put it in the center of the tentacles. Make sure there’s room! Also, scale it up so that there is only a little space in between the barrel and the “tentacles”

  2. Change the tint of the barrel to black. It should look like some sort of octopus head.

  3. For the eye sockets, lets Place a Shield. Any will do. Make sure to set the tint of it black. Scale it down so that it fits into the head on the sides. Scale it up or down so that it looks reasonable. Like so:

  4. Copy the shield and put it on the other side of the head.

  5. and your’e done! I currently don’t have any way to make the eyes. Please give me suggestions if you have any!


Isn’t there already a guide on this?


Yeah I just found out and responded to you on the creepy man post

Should I give credit or delete this post?

niice! Can’t wait to be eaten!

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this is very cool. I love it.

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@Haiasi ? Did you see my post?

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give credit, its not exactly the same!

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Ok fine then. Thanks @The_7th_Dragon !

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I just realized that the Kraken only has 7 arms, not 8

this is awesome thank you!

It’s got a nice twist to it. I intentionally made it without a head so it’d be more like the Sea of Thieves or Pirates of the Caribbean version. If you want eyes, use circular barriers.

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Hey @Riptide ! Welcome back! Where were you?

Its okay dude, I wont be on for another week because of my HOMEWORK.
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I used circular barriers to make the eye sockets, but I couldn’t find a way to make eyeballs.

I can’t be the only one who thought this post said ‘How to make a karen in Gimkit’ right? lol


I recommend submitting this to:

they are constantly looking for new ideas!

“they” is you, @gerk_supreme!

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No Cthulu guide yet boys. We’ll get there one day.