How to make a King Size Bed and hide the outlines!

Okay, this is not a long guide, so here we go!
(This is my first guide, so do not judge me!)

Step 1

Get two beds (I used vertical medieval beds) and allign them together like so:
Screenshot 2024-03-18 11.32.53 AM

Step 2

Get a barrier and go to Appearance. Set the barrier’s ‘Alpha’ to 1 (Completely visible) and put no under ‘Show Border’.
Then, set color of barrier to exact color of bed. For medieval beds, the hex color is #40649c. The barrier should look like this:

Step 3

Allign the barrier on the bed and adjust size. If you can not see the barrier on the bed, you may have to go to layers and put barrier over BOTH beds like so:

Your finishing product should look somewhat like this:
This was my best. You can use more barriers to remove ALL middle lines, but you would have to figure that out.

Good guide (I will probably use this in my game)

Just saying, (because your criticism I bet will probably be high from others…)

It’s a bit short. (Also a bit basic)

But nice guide.


I also agree it’s a bit short,
but it is a really good effort.
Also, nice guide!!! :bear:


Agreed a bit short (but my first guide was also kinda short, you can’t start of with “how to make the Empire State Building life-sized”)

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you can add one dark blue barrier on the bottom to make it look like one bed because it still has the division.


Same, my first guide was this, :sob: How to make pop ups/notifications appear for everyone at the start of a game

It was super short lol, but it’s ok, we all learn to be better guide makers one day!

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Fair, but notice I said it is my first guide!

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Yes, we know.

And we are ok with that.


nice, but a bit short. also i have a king-sized bed all to myself (i move too much) >:)

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excuse me? HOW DARE YOU?!!?!?!? (lol, kidding)


What are you doing?