How to make a infinite falling pit using teleporters (platformer edition)

Want to make a person infinity fall and never escape? This is a great guide to do so!

  1. make a pit, like this and use a camera view

  2. make a teleproter
    Screen Shot 2024-07-01 at 5.25.18 PM

  3. In teleporter, make a group named “A” and invisible. Make the target group B.

  4. Make enough copies so that its fills the top of the pit (not too little so the player can escape)

5.Do the same thing for the bottom pit but the group is “B” and the target one is “A”

  1. place spawn pad in middle

  2. Congrats! Now the player will think they’re falling forever! (the code doesn’t work obv that’s not the reason I posted this)

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I feel like this is kind of like How To Create An Infinite Hallway! [Difficulty 2/10 or :green_square:].


Yeah but this is for platformer since you cant do that in it, I like that one too. Also, the platformer creates a cool animation.

You could’ve just used 2 teleporters for this…
2 teleporters=more memory-saving

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I know I just made the pit big, you can make it as huge (or tiny) as it is to your liking.

You could have also used one teleporter and one zone.


but then it kinda looks like you’re falling to one side of the pit but go back to the center.
that would be weird

When I saw this my brain went (Troll time) :smiling_imp:

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you can change the bottom ones to a laser to save memory.


Or a zone.
Which uses more memory again, I can’t quite recall…

Laser is 75, zone is 200

Okay, thanks.
Never mind then lol

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