How to make a House

Um, none of the guides seemed to work that I checked, I want something for outside. I planned the inside but I need the inside.

hello seems like no wants to help i can help

let me get pictures and i can help

so this is an outside of a cottage house i help someone make but im a little confused on the part of

Oops, it’s supposed to be I planed the inside but I need the outside, @Lostsea3 .

An easier way to do this (at least I think it’s easier) is to make the outside and inside separate. Then, have either an invisible button or a zone where you would go inside be wired to a teleporter to teleport between the two separate “entities” (I don’t have a better word)

well you could have a door connecting to the outside and outside you can do farming or fishing, you could have a garden maze with something special in the center or a statue

To make the doors, do wood or metal signs semi big, and do the plain circular shield as the doorknobs.