How to make a hot potato game

please help me make a hot potato game

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You could mess around with a counter counting down to 0, an item, and a tag zone. If the player has the item, make him faster than everyone else. If he tags someone, clear the item from his inventory, and give the tagged player one of that item. When the counter hits zero, check for all players if the amount of item they have is one. If true, set them to the spectator team.


like how @ClicClac that is my question

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Set team free for all. Tag zones for teams 1-6, don’t respawn. When tagged, grant potato. When you tag, remove potato.
Only works with 6 players.


Make sure to deactivate the tag zone if you don’t have the potato.

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Oh yeah tag zone deactivated on game start for everyone except team 1 and deactivate when you tag someone activate when you get tagged.