Making a Hot Potato Game, how would I make it so the person it is swapped back to Team 1 when tagging somebody?

Basically, I want it to make so that when the “IT” person, a player on Team 2, tags somebody on Team 1, the “IT” person swaps teams with the person they tagged, with the player they tagged becoming the new “IT” person.

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Use Team Switchers to set them to specific teams

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To add on to arc5030, there should be two wires connected from the tag zone to two team switchers. The first wire (player tags another player) should be connected to a team switcher for team 1. The second wire (player gets tagged) should be connected to the team switcher for team 2.

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Hey, could you help me out with something else too? Do you know of a way to restrict the amount of players on a team? Because what’s happening now is that more than one person is on Team 2 when I’d like there to only be one person on that team.

Isn’t that in the game settings?

Maybe try looking through this post for more ideas.

Run a player counter for team two, and connect the counter to a property. Then, have a checker check if the property is greater than one. If so, pick a random player on team 2, change their team to a different one, and run the system again.

I already did, I didn’t really gather that much from it personally so I just continued on my own a bit.

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