How to make a healpad ❤‍🩹 (CREDIT: NavyCatZ)

Hey there!
I’ll teach you how to make a healpad.

To start, take a zone. Set it to whatever size you want the healpad to be.

Next, place down a health granter. This will give you regeneration.

Using @NavyCatZ’s guide, make a regeneration.

Connect the Zone to the repeater If player enters zone → start repeater

Then place another zone. (Don’t copy it)

Connect that zone to the repeater.

Set it so that If player leaves zone → Deactivate repeater.

OPTIONAL: Add two barriers with collision off and tint them green. Put them in a + symbol and add it to the center.

Should look like this:

When you enter the zone, it will activate the regen boost on you.
When you leave, it will deactivate.
HINT: You might want to add different colored terrain in the area where it will give you regen.
Thanks for visiting!
Hope it helps.

The Link where it came from:


Nice guide!

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Nice guide! Remember, pictures are powerful! It would be much easier to understand (for newer gims) if screenshots were added.

Hasn’t this been made already?


Nice Guide! But It’s Missing Pictures, Something Important!

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I need evidence to see. I credited NavyCatZ in the top.

Nice guide! One thing I would add would be the actual guide that NavyCatz made so people don’t have to search

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The two zones are stacked on one another BTW.

@thatOneCringe, maybe add the link below to the guide, it’s the one by Navy:


@thatOneCringe, one more thing: maybe use a wire for entering the zone and channels for leaving the zone. That would save 200 memory.

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This is genius! Now the players have a way to heal, but not infinitely!

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Just a suggestion, you can add a zone highlighted with terrain blocks to show players where to stand.

I made something similar to this a two days ago lol

On your creative map or on the Forums?

creative map, and it was different anyway…

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Good guide!

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It only has 3 wires, which will only take up 10 memory each. It is 30 memory, not 300.

How much memory does 1 zone use? That’s right, 200. 200 more being used with that second zone.

Oh I see. Thanks. But it is still 230 memory, not 300. I will stop replying now.

Just a suggestion! add a spawn pad in the zone, it is called “healpad” (make it either for an extreme numbered team like “team 57”) or only allow spectators to spawn there, then make it visible in the game!

Cool guide. o7 thatOneCringe.