How to make a Goomba Pixel Art! (Difficulty 1/10)

Hey, hey peoples! This is my first guide so don’t judge :sob:. Today I will show you how to make a Goomba from the N.E.S game that changed the gaming scene, Super Mario Bros. This guide is simple and easy to do, so let’s get started! (The Codes are Inactive btw.)

Step 1: Outline.

First, we need to outline the Goomba. To do this, we need the Metallica (Dark) Terrain.

It’s just as easy as that.

Step 2: Color.

Now, we need to color the Goomba’s head using the Dirt Terrain. Do NOT color around the eyes. Trust me on this, bro.

Next, we need the Sand Terrain for the eyes to make him look exactly like the game.

We need the Sand Terrain again for the Goomba’s body. Which begs the question, are Goomba’s made out of sand…?

We are almost done! All we need now is the same Terrain we used for the outline for the Goomba’s feet, which was Metallica (Dark).

There ya go! Here is the Goomba that I made. I want to thank my mother, father, and manager for making this dream come true. I hope you enjoyed the guide.

bye bye


dang. actually good art (that I like)! I would make a smaller proportion as well since t his could actually be used in a game.
yep. mvrder drones. I rly wish they could create episodes more often but ik that animation is hard as heck


Small suggestion for accuracy, the body should be about half the height of the head, so maybe make the head and feet bigger for correct proportions? Nonetheless, nice art! (Nice pfp @Kosm0-o, mVrder drones right? Edit your post above if you want to say anything)


Great guide but, as people kept saying in my guide, make it smaller so that you can use it in an actual game.

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Not to be rude or anything but couldn’t you have put this in guide or guide
Next time try to stay away from making short art guides and put it into bigger wikis.


I tried making this yesterday, but I was a TL1 so I couldn’t add multiple pictures. I remade it. :sob: :sob:

Sorry! I didn’t know about that. I was actually going to ask you if you can put my guide in your Mario wiki.

It’s fine as a newer user you didn’t know

But try to refrain from making short guides like this that could be in a certain category in the future


:0 it’s me

it’s your brotha.

!pixel and terrian art is a real trend now! my brother is making the greatest wiki about it and i am soooo excited!!!

@caternaught is silenced, so sorry guys… he would respond tho. he misses you guys


Goombump! Trademark Dark_Hydra and co

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Goombump! Very creative!

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I have an idea for you: make terrapin in gimkit. If you’re not familiar, then make Koopa-paratroopa or mario world goomba.

A Mario World Goomba is a Galoomba. Sure, I’ll try!


No problem!!!

Bumping my first guide because I’m leaving the forums. At least, for the summer. Maybe, I’ll come back, I don’t know :person_shrugging:. I enjoyed helping people on the forums, making friends such as @Kosm0-o, @TheWorldo, @THEHACKER120, Dodge_Fox, and etc. Most importantly, arguing with people about literally nothing. I’m leaving the same reason Blackfox is. So, see you all later, I guess. Bye, bye, and make the forums good.


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:saluting_face: you did what you needed to do

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angry goomba noises

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