How to make a Good Desert

This desert is good for Minecraft games, desert survival games, or any other desert things.

  1. Sand terrain
  2. Barriers
  3. Dry bushes
    First, You place down sand around you. You can place however much sand depending on the size of your desert.

Next, place some dry bushes around the sand.

Now, it is time to make cactuses, first place a barrier that has no border and is green. After this place six more barriers on top of it. Then, on the 4th barrier place a backwards L with 3 barriers. On the 5th barrier
place another L with 3 barriers. Copy these steps for multiple cacti.

Hope this was helpful!
If you want to make it so that the cactus damages you then follow these steps.

  1. Triggers
  2. Damager
    First, place down the triggers around the cactus, click on the triggers and put something like Damage into the When Triggered, transmit on.
    Then, place the damager, click on it, and put the channel you put in the triggers into the damage on.
    It should look like
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I think it looks good but maybe you could add other sized bushes and like a tumbleweed emoji (if there is one idk)


You might also consider adding emojis, such as lizards and snakes. You could also use the medieval props (barrel, lantern) to make it look abandoned.


Also, this is rather short, so you might want to consider making it a mini-guide.


You should add more photos!

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Welcome to the forums, @Unity909!
I agree with you about how short this guide is.
@Ship123, you might want to make this more creative so it doesn’t get flagged.

What do you think that a good guide would be?

hide details and maybe some emojis

Maybe something no one has thought of before, or a guide on how to use a device. You could also do something involving cool ways to use props. High-quality guides take at least an hour to plan out and post.

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Nice! This is what we’re looking for!

I am new to this sort of thing.

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You can’t once someone replies. However, you can change the text of the post to
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Yeah, that’s about right.

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I really liked the cactus!


nice guide i like this but kaybe you can have more examples

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