How to make a gimkit character without a sentry!

first take a barrier and change it into a circle and make it small.

  1. Get 2 more barriers and make them into small rectangles and put them behind the circle barrier and change the alpha to 1.00.

    3.get a text and put a circle emoji on the face and make the text size 12.

  2. And done!
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There are already a lot of guides on this…


This is cool! Thanks.


There are a bunch of guides about this already…

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may want to credit these guides and probably much more, this has been a guide that has been made before so there might be a lot of guides


This is a duplicate, also, it’s a little too short…

You’re welcome @StarfallNova

How come there are so many users with wings of fire characters :skull:

Theres the DOD, Dangerous Organization of Dragons which have a lot of wings of fire lovers.


…my dragon profile is not WOF. yes i do like it tho…