How to Make A Game/Level Overview

Hello! Sorry for the confusing title, but basically, have you ever entered a new area or level in a game and your view moves over the whole area? If you still don’t understand, then… Find a playthrough of a game that has it like OMORI (where I got this idea from) or some other game.

Camera Points (amount depends on your preference/game)
Wire repeater (amount depends)
1 Zone or Teleporter

The “Smooth” Way
This is the smoothest way I found, and it’s a bit tedious. Still, it’s easy to do.

Memory Usage: 3% (for the length I’m using 50 blocks (I don’t know what else to call them))

For the length, as you know I’m going to spread the camera points out between the span of 50 blocks. At the end you’ll see a face : )

First, you need to make it so you can enter the room/section and the overview will start. To do this, use either a zone that deactivates when you step into it (When player enters zone, transmit on [new channel] - Deactivate zone when receiving on [same channel]) or use a teleporter. If you use a zone that doesn’t deactivate when you step in it or just a teleporter, multiple people can see the preview, but it will happen everytime someone steps into or teleports in the device you’re using.

All right, now for the camera points. For your first camera point, wire it to the zone (player enters zone → activate camera point). Then wire a wire repeater to the zone as well, and delay it by however long you want (player enters zone → repeat the wire pulse). I recommend 0.2 seconds for it. Then, wire the wire repeater to another camera point. So far, it should look like this:

From here, just copy the wire repeater and camera point combination

(This one)
Screen Shot 2024-05-22 at 7.34.04 PM

And wire the next wire repeater to the first one. Make sure the output is the first wire repeater, and the input is the second one, otherwise this won’t work. Do this multiple times, and it should look like this (one section of them):

Once you get to the end, get another wire repeater and delay it for as long as you want. In my opinion, it looks better if the amount of time you set for it is longer than the time for all the wire repeaters. I’m using 0.2 seconds for the wire repeaters attatched to the camera points, and for the one we’re talking about now is set for 1 second.

Then, wire a wire repeater to a trigger (when the wire recieves a pulse → trigger) and wire that trigger to the last camera point.

Now it’s complete!

The “Choppy” Way
This way doesn’t look as good, but saves memory. (by 2% which isn’t much but if you need to save memory, this could help a lot)

Memory Usage: 1% (same length)

Basically you just do the same thing as the smOoOOooOth way, but you just remove a lot of the wire repeaters and camera points.

That’s it! If you found it confusing, please let me know. I’m not the best at explaining things… :grinning:


Nice guide!
first to like and reply


You know, we CAN use block code instead…
Its more memory efficient if the wires and the wire repeaters take up more than 500 memory.
AND if the channels right, you can reuse the function for other overviews of levels!


That’s probably true, I’m just terrible at using blocks hehe

Don’t you mean camera points?


Great guide! you did a good job explaining it!
This can be very useful, but it would be better if the player could choose when to stop the overview.

Yeah, she did.


Nice job, Hoof!
We should definitely use this is JACLDT.


Yeah, I fixed it

Okay! I’ll add an extra section for that

I love this! Nice guide.
Great way to make use of devices with no block code!

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wires and wire repeaters are like the cheapest thing though so I doubt it, though it would be more convenient.

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What about doing separate level overviews? It only cost 500 memory to make something that can be reused.

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Depends on the circumstance

how did this guide go dead so quickly?

a lot of guides go dead quickly.

I know, but this is a good guide deserving of more people reading it.

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Nice guide! Using a bit of channels, block code and a little bit of concatenation, I think you can optimize this without any tedious wiring.


Here are some resources to help you with that, carrot:


How Channels Work - An In-Depth Explanation

Block code:
Essence of Block Code: Mathematics and Basics of the Essentials
Essence of Block Code: An Introduction to Variables and Logic
Essence of Block Code: An Introduction to the Interface

The Art of Concatenation: Credits to @Zypheir and @Blackhole927- Difficulty 7.5/10 or :orange_square:

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also this is a very nice touch to most games, lets go, ive seen it in tzbr


another Omori fan!!???!??

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