How to make a floor is lava map

So many people have asked how to make one of these and ive decided to make a guide about it so here i am, if you are wanting to make it to where you can build thats not added in gimkit creative yet. Any way here it is.


your going to want to make the layout of your map first. this is what mine looks like:

its just an example. anyway, first you are gonna need a life cycle, trigger an endgame and a zone, the endgame is so that if you touch the lava then the game ends, you can do this differently with lasers so it just damages you but you would only get damaged while touching the laser, anyway, you are gonna have the life cycle listen for game start, have the trigger delay set to how much time you want the player to have before the lava rises, set the trigger not visible in game and does not trigger by collision, wire the life cycle to trigger “event happens-----> trigger” then wire the trigger to the zone “triggered ------> activate zone” NOTE, make sure the zone is OFF when game starts. this is what it’ll look like:


allowing the person to see the lava.
get yourself a barrier and wire the trigger up to the barrier “trigger triggered-------> activate barrier”
make sure the barrier is turned off on game start and collision is turned off, make the color what ever you want. this is what it’ll look like when your done.


then you do that for all the layers and that’s it. if you have any questions on the setting lemme know.

Lemme know what difficulty my first guide was:

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Nice guide! This is good!
Also, you could use lasers. :v:
They could take away all of the players health instantly.

yea i just found it easier to use end games.

does any body have any questions?

well there is another way to do this, it makes the game more fun aswell.

Great guide

I played your map i think it is fun. I beat hard mode :slight_smile:

thats not mine, but it was inspiration for me to make this quide AND make my own game.

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my lava rises, but it only rises a very small bit. How do I make it rise more?

Similar guide:

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expand the zone and barrier

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you CAN do this with lazers you just have the laser set to like 10000 if you want one shot or like 25-50 to give the player a chance,
its actually pretty easy