How to make a flashing text

What you need

X1 Lifecycle
X2 Wire Repeaters.
X2 Repeaters.
X1 text

How do do it.

Step 1 Set the lifecycle to game start and connect it to a wire repeater
Step 2make the wire repeater go to one of the repeaters and wire it to start the repeater
Step 3 then make wire the repeater to the wire repeater.

Step 4 Then make the first wire repeater connect to the other wire repeater and repeat Steps 2-3 On another repeater.
(pictures coming soon.)

Then you wire one repeater to the text to make it appear, and wire the other one to make it dissapear.
and then alter the time you want the repeater to run the intervals and there you go!

Creator message.

Your welcome, I have asked SOOOO many times on how to do this, so now i know, and I made it to where you know!

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Sadly, this isn’t true anymore, since you passed the one-month mark a long time ago.

My fiend posted this, not me

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Oh. I was unaware of that. Apologies