How do I make flashing text?

I need help making flashing text.
This is what I have but I cant find anything that helps on this

My friend did a page on this but i NEVER understood it!
How to make a flashing text - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

search for an on and off lasers guide but replace the lasers with text

No not that my friend posted this but i didn’t make sense…
How to make a flashing text - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

you posted that
and if thats really your friend why are you sharing an account?

Because…school restrictions

Will ANYONE help me?

its late for a lot of people and the forums are kinda dead right now


Ok, i’ll mark it complete, and post on Monday

no keep it open so you don’t have to repost and maybe there is someone with more time than I have that can help

Make high saturation color on the text, then in rapid succession through a trigger loop, repeatedly turn activate the text on and off.

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BLAHBLAHBLAH (no going tordes anyone just need works

its fine unmarking it is a thing
also put random letters inside <> to bypass the limit
@Cellofive can you enter the padlet and help me plan?

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For the text have it appear when receiving on: Text On and disappear when receiving on Turn Off.
Create a Lifecycle that transmit on Start Flash on Game Start
Now add a trigger that triggers when receiving on Start Flash and when triggered broadcasts on Text Off add a delay of 1 sec.
Add a second trigger that when triggered broadcasts on Text On add a delay of 1 sec.
Now create a trigger loop by wiring both triggers together like this:

Make sure that the triggers are invisible and cannot be triggered by collision

How to you unmark it?

just click the button again or click a new one

Just press on the solution button again ._.


you already did but the solution button
I recommend searching for some discourse tutorials


Did this not work?

I don’t think she tried it yet…

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