How to make a flag - styled KOTH (inspired by @EggNoodle)

In this game mode, whoever has held the flag for the longest by the end of the game, wins.
First, go into map options, and do this:

Screenshot 2023-09-06 5.33.26 PM

Now, place down a flag. Turn the safe zone off, and make the team who can’t pick up the flag team 60. Also, turn off the pickup alert in customization. Now place down a trigger, a counter, and a property device. Name the property “FlagHeldTime”, and set the scope to player

Make the counter track the property “FlagTimeHeld”, and wire the flag to the trigger, so that the flag is picked up, trigger the trigger. For the triggers settings, make the delay 1 second, and make it transmit on the channel “flag” when triggered, and trigger when receiving on the channel “flag” to make a trigger repeater clock. Now go into the triggers channels, and have it activate when receiving on “Activate”. Next go into the flags channel, and make it transmit on “Activate” when the flag is picked up.
Now wire the trigger to the counter, so that the trigger is triggered, - increment counter.
Next place down another trigger, and wire the flag to that trigger so that the flag is dropped, - trigger. Next wire that trigger to the other trigger so that it is triggered, - deactivate trigger.

Now place down yet another trigger, (or just use the same one) and wire the flag to this trigger, so that flag dropped, - trigger. Next wire that trigger to the counter so that it is triggered, - reset counter. Make sure that the trigger that is resetting the counter has a delay of 0.5 seconds.
Next copy your property, and rename the copied one, “HighScore.” Now place down another trigger with the max triggers being set to 1. Now wire the flag to it so that the flag is dropped, - trigger. Nex go into the triggers block code and copy this,:
Screenshot 2023-09-06 5.04.40 PM
After you’ve copied this block code, place down another trigger that is not activated on game start. Next wire the previous trigger to the one that isn’t activated on game start, so that it is triggered, - activate trigger. Now go into the deactivated triggers block code, and do this:
Screenshot 2023-09-06 5.15.00 PM
Next ire the flag to the deactivated trigger so that the flag is dropped, - trigger.
Place down a game overlay, and go into its channels, and make it show the overlay when receiving on the channel “flag”, and to hide the overlay when receiving on “Hide”.
Now go into its blocks, so that when it is receiving on the channel, “flag”, it will run this block.:
Screenshot 2023-09-06 5.18.24 PM
Make sure that the overlay type is text, and that it is not visible on game start. Next go intoyour flags channels again, and make it transmit on the channel “Hide” when the flag is dropped.
Next place down a waypoint with the following settings:


Screenshot 2023-09-07 8.22.00 AM

Go into customization in the flag device and change the amount of time (in seconds) it will take the flag to return to its base. You can also use a knockout manager to drop an item when a player is knocked out. If the knocked out player has the flag, the dropped item will look cool because the flag is right in the middle of it, and it looks like the flags base.
Screenshot 2023-09-06 10.04.59 PM

Have fun, and happy gimkitting!
Thanks for giving me this idea, @EggNoodle, and i hope you don’t mind that I made a guide on it!


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