How to make a fish tracker WITHOUT overlays!

This has some block code, but it’s pretty easy if you follow the guide.

Everything that isn't block code

Place a button, when pressed, trasmit on “Check fish”.
Screenshot 2024-02-11 8.45.25 AM
Next, place a popup. Make it open on “Check fish”, and make block code happen on “Check fish”
Then, follow this guide until you reach the overlay part:
How to make a stylish cash counter (Difficulty: :green_square:)
So, now you have a property that tracks an item.

The block code. (Repetitive)

In the popup you made in step one, (Block code area), make set-up like this:

Now, this shows the amount of {item} you have! Duplicate this code but with different propertys for it to track more!

This is the finished product:


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A lot of the credit goes to the stylish cash counter guide, as it inspired me to make my game i’m making and this guide.

You don’t need that many create text blocks:


Perfect for your game that you needed balancing help with!

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Nice guide!

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Well, I did make it for my game

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Nice guide!