How To Make a Fireplace (difficulty 0/10)

Hello! VoidFluffy/ilookeddown here (well not really here, I’m in the Void with the rest of WOV planning on possessing some unlucky GimCreatures). This is a guide on how to make a 3D-esque fireplace (great for castles and old-timey houses!)
Credits to @gimmaster12345 for the stacked barriers
Credits to @Chong for another fireplace post

What You Need

Stone Barrier x3
Barrier (device) x1
Text x1
Wooden Log x2

The Main Body of the Fireplace

Layer one Stone Barrier above the others, and another above the last one. Then, “stack” them on top of each other.
Screenshot 2023-12-10 3.40.01 PM

The Pit

Now, color your Barrier device black, layer it above the Stone Barriers, and size it like this:
Screenshot 2023-12-10 3.42.20 PM


Make your Wooden Logs layered above the barrier device, and place them like firewood in the middle of the barrier device. Then, turn your text into a fire emoji, layer it above the Wooden Logs, and place them in the middle of the two Logs.
Screenshot 2023-12-10 3.47.10 PM

Final Result:

Happy Gimkitting!
also do I need to credit anyone?


did you get the stacked stone barrier idea from me?

Also, theres a lot of fireplace guides

How to build a fireplace | TUTORIAL | Difficulty::blue_square:

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Nice guide! If you want to check if you need to credit anyone quickly, just do a quick search on what your guide is about!

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You should add some light around the fire w/ a barrier so it looks like the fire is illuminating the chamber!


This is promoting, and is against the rules, delete it or your guide will be flagged and removed.


Okay, I’ll delete it- thanks for telling me

Your welcome, just trying to save your guide, which looks great btw.

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Nice art guide @VoidFluffy!

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Cool guide!

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I recommend submitting this to:

they are constantly looking for new ideas!

I didn’t use that many props tho…

b u m p
reviving this old topic I made a while back.
I’d actually forgotten how I made this, so I searched “how to make a fireplace” and found my own guide :skull:

@clicclac, can I call you Clic yet?

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You’re a Spacie, you can already call me Clic, silly!

Just making sure heh

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𝔹𝕦𝕞𝕡 into the fireplace :fire:

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