How To Make a Farm Simulator with Animals Fishing and Farming?

How do I make a Fishing, Farming, and Animal game all in one? I really need to know this because I was wanting to make something like a tycoon. Anyone who can help thank you!!

Fishtopia x Farmchain ???

There are many guides on fishing and farming. But, I can’t link them for some reason.

The hyperlink drive isn’t working for some reason so you have to search it up and copy the link address

Maybe you could use crafting tables?

I could help you in game if you find a way to give a code outside the forums.

do they want ideas or actual systems or both?

You could use a Padlet to share codes.

kk tysm I will send you a link through padlet but I will also share a link to a GIMKIT creative game thought padlet to show you what I mean.