How to make a energy refill upgrade?

How can I make the Tag: Domination upgrade where you get energy every 7 seconds? I’m new so I don’t know how to do these things and everything else I could find was how to get more energy per question

create a trigger loop: Loops
and make the trigger get triggered for the trigger loop when item purchased via vending machine.
at the end of the trigger loop get an item granter and wire a trigger loop to it. make the item granter grant energy.

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trigger loop the trigger loop to trigger the trigger loop

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Umm, can you explain it step by. Step pls cuz i didnt understand

create a trigger loop using the above guide link. make sure the delayed trigger has a delay of 1 second or your choice. then wire the vending machine to one of the trigger loop triggers [item purchased → trigger trigger]. get an item granter that grants energy and wire the other trigger to the item granter [trigger triggered → grant item].

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