How to make a ending speech at the end of the game

First you want to get a end of the game widget.

Then you want to have these settings:

Make up a property for the property section I will be using prooooo and for label you want to put your made up name or your name with a - at the end.
(The name is not mandatory) like so:

Now create a property called your made up property name:

These should be your setting for you property:

You can change the default value for the property but it must be a text property.

Final Project:

(Oops don’t mind the memory bar I did it in my bed wars game)

There you have it the message for players to see at the end of the game!


great guide, but i think we need to stop these basic guides. all they really do for me is give me ideas for my game.

Well, basic for some. Some people really need these. Not everyone is on the same level of gimkit knowledge.


Yeah, that’s the whole point…


oh okay, my bad. i have bad social skills

It is a good guide and it tells some people how to do something. I am going to use this. Good guide in every way!

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@Mythemi for a first guide, this is super good!


Please don’t discourage people with their guides. Instead maybe give them advice on how to make it better, or if it’s off-topic It can be turned on topic!

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ok. i have bad social skills and I’ve only been on the forums for about a week.


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He/she probably saw/read/participated in conversation about it or saw peoples bios


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