{The Ultimate Guide To RPG Maps And How To Make Them} 3/10

omg this is so good…

a guide needs to wither be an idea list or teach something

I did you have to read introduction

@DANIOOLA often duplicate guides are done by accident I see that you acknowledged the existence but you need to check if you make a guide it either needs to be different or better

I should read more before I say stuff sorry :frowning:

foxy it is different I’m not going to say it is better- I have different things listed andi made sure of it.

you only give ideas you need to teach how to do the systems step by step

its Oki :smiley: I forgive you:D

Thank you greenfox :smiley:

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lol that is so funny

so what ur telling me is after an hour of typing you want more-?

I lack sympathy go read some tugs to find what a good guide looks like

I’ve already spent 2 hours reading today but fine, I’ll go in and add more. Your right igu do lack smpathy

thank you, and also I love ur pic I saw you hand traced it?


Yes, I did trace it, thank you!

I like reading peoples bios in my free time :smiley:


I honestly thought that was what RPG stood for so I was very confused when ppl made these guides and THERE WERE NO ROCKET – PROPELLED GRENADESSS!!!

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Good Guide :hearts:

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