{The Ultimate Guide To RPG Maps And How To Make Them} 3/10

There are so many important aspects to RPG maps. You need character, theme, and so much more! There Are So Many important Aspects And We Are Going To Cover Some Of Many of Them! Now Before We Start I Found That @Coral Has Done Something Similar. I am Not Going To Look At Theirs And Take Their Ideas, But Even If We Have The Same Ideas I Am Not Trying To Take From them But they Have Done Something Similar Anyways. Now Lets Begin!


The First Key Aspect To An Rpg Map Is The Roles. One Way To Do This Is Make Your Spawn Area Filled With Jobs And Roles. You Can Have multiple Spawn Areas With Different Ranks Of Roles!
Screenshot 2024-04-02 2.35.45 PM


The Setting Of An Rpg Map Is A Very Important Detail. Now Lets Say You Wanted To Do A RPG Where Lets Say, Don’t Look Down Found Gravity? The Setting Would Be Like Doomsday. Destroyed, People Fell To Their Death Etc. The Way You Would Pursue This Is Take A Setting, And Keep In Mind While You Build. For Example, Here Is A Sci-Fi Setting.


Any Good Rpg Needs Teams. Now Whether The Teams Are Rich/Poor Or Echo/Vortex Or Even Maybe Good/Evil! It’s Always A Good Idea To Add Teams. To Add Such teams You Can Go To Settings, World Options, And Set Teams!

Getting The Idea

Now When You Are Making An Rpg Map You Need A Steady Idea In Place. Now These Ideas Could Be Based On Movies, books, Mythology, Lore, Battles, Diaries, Or Just Could BE From Your Pure Imagination! But you Need Something To Base Off Of.


Now When You Are Making An Rpg You May Want To Add Some Sort of Currency. One Example Is Cash. But If You Are Doing A Rpg Where fishing has a big role you could make fish your currency. Or when you have to farm you can make seeds your currency. there are So many Good Options!


For Advantages You Might Be Able To Hide Small Speed Buttons Around Your Map. For Example, Using Currency To buy Upgrades COuld Be A good Idea. You Can Put Down A Vending Machine And Set Up A Speed Boost. Hook up The Vending Machine To The Speed Boost And When You Buy The Speed Boost From the vending Machine You Can Go 2x Faster.
Screenshot 2024-04-02 3.17.29 PM


Lets say you are making a cops/robber rpg game. You have a tag zone and the cop tags the robber. The robber could suffer a major consequence when caught. First Off, You Can Make It So When Teleported back Into Cell after being tagged, they are slowed down. A way you could do this is set a speed modifier like this-


It’s All ABout The Little Things. Whether Your making A Boss, Or Decorating A house You need details. Details could be small chains in the corner of a dungeon, or dirt patches on a pathway,but even with the smallest of things, makes the best of maps. For Example, here is a detailed boss I made-
Screenshot 2024-04-02 3.28.42 PM


Now There Is A Very Simple Way To improve A RPG Map, and it is a quest. Whether its side quest or the whole plot of the game quest are very important things to have in your rpg. Now a very simple way is to make a custom npc, and make a button. Hook The Button to a pop-up that says what the npc wants you to collect him. Make a way for you To collect that item and make a vending machine that is named “Give The Item to (NPC NAME)” It takes your item and gives you a currency or a boost. That Is A Very Easy Way To Make A Quest.


In a lot of RPG maps there is a bit of lore about where you are. An example is if there was a map in candyland the lore could be the candy king is a tyrant and is making candyland a horrid place. Or if its in space it could be, astronauts find an alien filled planet, they go on the planet and it is completely run by aliens. Lore can be a very useful part of RPG maps!

I Hope you enjoyed my Ultimate Guide To RPG Maps! It took super long to make and I hope you appreciate my efforts to bring this to you!


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