How to Make a Dropper-Styled Minigame! Difficulty (8, 8, 5)/(10, 10, 10) or (🟧)


Welcome, and today I’ll show you how to make a dropper-styled minigame!

This is part 2 of the Pacer Test Series

What you’ll need for this guide:

Terrain(Of your choice)
Speed Modifier x2
Repeater x1
Trigger x1
Property x1
Wire Repeater x1

Step 1:

First, create the outline of your dropper. It can be as big as you want. Make the edges wall terrain, or put barriers at the borders. Create an entrance and exit

Your dropper should now look like this:

Step 2: Making The Boundaries

Create as much terrain as you want in the dropper. This will signify the places you cannot touch, or else you will die. Fill in the dropper with terrain.

Your dropper should now look like this:

Step 3: Creating the Zones

Add zones in the borders, in all of the “evil” tiles. Now, make it so that when you touch the zones, you respawn.


Your Dropper should now look like this:

Step 4: Removing the Movement

Place Down a zone that covers the perimeter of the dropper.

Make it so that when a player enters the zone, broadcast on channel “Speed”. When the player leaves, broadcast on channel “Speed1”.

Make two speed modifiers. The first one should change the speed to 0 when receiving “Speed”.

The second one should make the speed 1 when receiving on channel “Speed1”.

Now, make 2x2 tile zones that cover the entire dropper.

Your Dropper should now look like this:

Step 5: Teleporters and Triggers.

Place a teleporter at the top of each zone. Make the settings say this:

Now copy that, but change the number from 1-40. The teleporter number goes from left to right.

Place down a repeater that starts when the player enters the zone and stops when the player leaves the zone.
Turn off “Trigger Task on Start”.

Now, place down a trigger, and wire the repeater to the trigger. The trigger should have no player collision, and can not be stepped on.

Place down a property that is a number value and has a default value 0. Make the active scope “player”. Also, make it called “square#”.

Now, create block code for the trigger.

Your Dropper Should Look like this:

Step 6: Lefts and Rights

Create Two Game Overlays that are only activated when you enter the dropper.

They should be buttons. One should say “Left”, one should say “Right”. They should be activated when the player enters the zone and deactivated when the player leaves the zone. This can be done using wire repeaters.

Wire them to triggers so that when the buttons are pressed, “Trigger”.

Create this block code:

Next, place down a trigger. Make it so that when the player respawns, set the property “square#” to 1.

Now, your final result should look like this:


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Sorry for image inconsistency. Follow the last one!

Thanks, and happy Gimkitting!



@NavyCatZ /navycatz_rate post

Wow, great guide!

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u guys are really coping huh /nm but good guide

we’ll get over it

Hello! NavyCatZ here!

What you did well

Introduction: You have an introduction that not just explains what the guide is about but also states the devices the reader needs, making it more efficient for the reader to build the Dropper Minigame.

Structure: (I’m grouping together steps and sections from now on. “Detailed Explanations” will now be mentioned if you explain the purpose of each step.) You divide the steps by labeling them and using asterisks, making it easier for readers to follow the guide.

Visuals: You have visuals, which are VERY, VERY useful for Gims to understand the steps of your guide.

Conclusion: You gave a nice closing to wrap up the guide.


Difficulty Poll: You made a poll asking about the difficulty. Polls about difficulty are actually very useful as the difficulty of a guide can be subjective.

Overall, great guide! Keep up the good work! Tell me if you would like constructive criticism. NavyCatZ signing off!


nice guide, love the idea


@mysz Can you send me the dropper minigame on the wixsite I want to see how it works in practice.

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I thought this 3/10. Pretty easy to understand and implement.


Why are there 3 ratings with 3 numbers?

It was the 3-dimensional rating system that is no longer used.

I’m not going to even ask.

I don’t know why this post was never closed, but here it is:

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