How to make a DOORS game


So I have seen a lot of people making a guide for this, but I will now try to make a new and improved one to make a ROBLOX DOORS game in Gimkit.

Okay, is this a guide??? Welcome to the forums!

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There’s only 1 other guide, and it’s WIP…

Welcome to the community! But please read the rules, click more on the left, then FAQ.

This isn’t a guide, this is just a introduction. So I will remove your community made guides, and put it in devices.

Shushshshshh xD wait gimme a sec

Welcome to the forums @Fuzzy
you might not know this but a guide err needs a guide

Maybe use drafts next time…

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Btw, I think you have less than a day to edit. SInce your new, but you don’t have lots of editing time.

Yep, did not notice that.

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Make sure the thumbnail is original. Since a quick little Google images search can get you in trouble. or sometimes just general knowledge, got a DOORS ® map taken down because it literally screenshoted the Actual thumbnail of DOORS ®. That was a bit of an oof wasn’t it?

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:+1: Yeah, I will definitley do that.

Sorry for this : How… Do you use drafts?

You can do save for later. There’s 3 buttons, Discard, Save draft for later, and keep editing.

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Ohhhh Okay I get it now.

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Don’t ever be sorry for anything (Unless you went off-topic or did something bad) here. we are here to help you :+1: now back on topic

Okay, I’ll start ACTUALLY working on it :sweat_smile:

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I just noticed that the edit counter would go really high… Is there anyway I can test see the pictures?

Yep. There is! The left is your html and stuff, while the right, is the finished product.

Oh, okay I see it now.

Another thing about editing is that anyone can go back to the pencil and see the edits, so if you leak some personal data (That has happened to me) your best bet is to ask a Tl2 to flag it.

oh, yeah! before u go on, @Fuzzy there is a code to your game on the picture, codes can not be shown. ok? just wanted to make this clear.