How to make a DOORS game

Haha! thats pretty much how I leaked my personal info!

Wowwwwww nahhhhh bruh xD

does that really need to be said? what did you get from saying that?

i was going to say that you also leaked your name, but thats in your forum user, so its fine.

I leaked my school email, which includes my: Full legal name and district #
It was classwize showing it in the top right :skull:

Yeah I didn’t want to- but I said well… This is Gimkit… so I guess it doesn’t matter. (THAT MUCH)

Is searching up your full name


yes, but im asking if that really needs to be said. you just told people that you leaked pesonal data. think about what you post. K?


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k. i dont mean to be rude, but this is just what needs to be said.

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I would like that if I wasn’t out of likes.

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to fix that, some people put something like “Forum like from wish” with the heart emoji :heart:

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me who’s never out of likes cuz I almost rarely like stuff:



thats kinda me sometimes. i like stuff and i dont like stuff

Wait a minut.

we should get on topic now.

oki :3

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Agreed, that’s why I got banned once.

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not to be a bug, but again.

Yeah your code is still valid. Restart your game so it isn’t anymore or I shall take this guide down. Also this guide is wayy to short. Is it a wip?

@Fuzzy you only have 1 day to edit this next time remember drafts exist and when a regular switches a post to devices leave it

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