How to Make a Device so you can Sprint!

Alright, There Might be a better way to do this (and I might not have explained it well), but I have found a way to make a device so you can sprint. and you can’t do this by pressing a key. WARNING: this Guide can be very complicated. Now lets get into it!

2 speed modifiers
2 movement meters (optional but you need at least 1)
2 overlays
2 wire repeaters
1 life cycle

Step 1: Preparation
Set the speed modifiers to 1 default (the one the player starts with), and 1 sprint modifier(This one should be faster)

For the 1 life cycle, Set it to listen to game start.

For the 2 movement meters, put them both on energy, and put the default one, to be used on default, and the 2nd movement meter needs to be on more energy, and faster depletion rate, (NOTE: The second one HAS to not be on default, or its not the default one,)

For the overlays, Make Both of them buttons, and put one on the top left, and top right, put the top left one as “sprint” and the top right one as “stop sprinting” MAKE SURE that the “stop sprinting” one is not visible on game start and make sure that the visibility scope is turned to players on each of them, and the wire repeaters, just leave em’ as they are.

STEP 2: The Building
This part is VERY complicated, so listen carefully. first, let’s target the overlays. Wire the “sprint” overlay with the other overlay: when button pressed – show overlay, and do the same thing but with the stop sprinting overlay, wire them, When button pressed – show overlay, now since those are done, lets now use the wire repeaters, both wire repeaters are assigned to one overlay or 1 wire repeater to 1 overlay, so both overlays are paired to both wire repeaters, lets name them overlay 1 (sprint) and overlay 2 (stop sprinting) and wire repeater 1 and wire repeater 2. now, wire overlay 1 with wire repeater 1: when button pressed – repeat wire pulse! then wire the wire repeater 1 with overlay: when wire repeater receives pulse, hide overlay, and now, repeat that same step (with the overlay and wire repeater) again, but with overlay 2 and wire repeater 2.

When you Finish that up it should look like this:
Screenshot 2024-01-11 10.59.44 AM

And now, if you get this far, check if the 2 overlays ACTUALLY work (by clicking one, and it hides that same one,while showing up the 2nd one.), now, lets focus on the speed modifiers, and movement meters, Were gonna do the same thing with the overlays and wire repeaters, ones gonna be named speed modifier 1 and 2, and movement meter 1 and 2 (1 is default for all of the devices that have 1. NOTE I’M JUST NAMING THESE, THEY ARE NOT FOR A CHANNEL!) alright, time for part 2 of the wire process!

The life cycle should be wired with movement meter 2 and the wire layout should be this: Event occurs – Deactivate Movement Meter and now that’s done

Lets start with the defaults (1) and work our way up, (you should have the overlays move when you click one) so, wire overlay 1 to movement meter 2: when button pressed – activate movement meter. then wire overlay 1 to movement meter 1: When button pressed – deactivate movement meter. Now wire overlay 1 with speed modifier 1: when button pressed – set player to configured speed. now check if that works and if it does, nice job, you got a bit more wiring to do.

Now we’re gonna be working on the 2nd overlay (stop sprinting). First, wire overlay 2 to movement meter 1: when button pressed – activate movement meter. then wire overlay 2 to movement meter 2: when button pressed–deactivate movement meter. Finally, wire overlay 2 to speed modifier 1
This should be the final results:

And Your Done! You can vote the difficulty if you want :smile:

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this has already been made several times in much more easier-to-understand guides, so please see if there is aready a guide on smth before you make a guide on it. if you did see those guides and wanted to make a better one, then please actually make this better. add more pictures or smth.


Yeah but its already been made. Like 5 times. Even if its different its still a sprint button.


it’s the exact same thing tho

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I feel kinda bad for this guy not noticing that there’s already a guide on this and worked hard on this guide. And after publishing it, he just gets posts saying that there’s already a guide on this.


that’s why, before posting a guide, you check to see if there’s already any guides on it
otherwise, your replies will be pretty disappointing


you need a vending machine and a speed modifyer and an energy what ever

Screenshot 2024-01-11 5.24.38 PM

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words of the wise:
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anyway, people really should use the search bar before making a post about something already existing or asking for help on something that already exists.
Like really why don’t people do that?
Nice guide tho, @Kadenracer987

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