How to make a cutscene on knocking out someone

If you don’t understand the title, let me explain.

Basically, you might know COD. They have cool cutscenes if you go behind someone that then knocks them out, and I will be showing you how to do that! (Too lazy to add images… but you can go to the bottom of the guide to go to another guide that uses pictures, for better understanding if you need it.) If you want something more exact, there’s a coordinate guide in the comments. I did this though to save memory, its low budget though.

Step one, decide what will transmit the channel message to “start” the scene. button, lifecycle, tag zone, trigger, whatever. As long as it works best for you.

Step two, you then want to get teleporters and make sure they are far away from the map, so no one sees it. Get your transmit and make sure it works and they get teleported there. Get the person you want to eliminate where you want, preferably in front of you and choose where your character will be. After, use speed modifiers and turn that down to 0 so no one can move.

Step three, the animating part. Find an animation tutorial, there are plenty, and animate. My idea would be a slice animation, as that’s the easiest to use, for me at least. After you animate it OVER the players spot, you can put a laser above where the player would spawn, and eliminate them.

Step four, you could then make a teleporter to teleport back to your location. I would use a trigger so when you spawn it, measure the time on how long the animation took, take that to the trigger, delay it, and then you will teleport back after you done your cutscene.

Step Done, you are now finished! I hope you enjoyed, and I will link my other cutscene tutorial, on transitioning, as it is pretty much the same concept, but it has pictures instead. How to make “Transitioning Cutscenes!”


Great Guide! This will be useful in a lot of COD maps!


Thanks! Its just kind of the like that one cutscene in the game if you go behind a player and click some button.

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I have no idea what you talking about, so, Ima pretend. That? Yeah! I know what you’re talking about!

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Yes, we all definitely know, but I think it would be cool for pvp things, to spice up. Instead of a boring eliminate respawn thing, its a somewhat cooler animation, so yay!


Couldn’t you use a coordinate system instead of a teleporter?

Because it would probably look more smooth, and you could make it actually appear (I think) where players are knocked out.


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Yeah, true. If you wanna edit the guide, you can. but I’m gonna work on my map now

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You can’t edit the content of other people’s posts unless it’s a wiki. Only TL3 can make wikis. And TL3’s can only edit the title and tags of a post not the content.


ah, ok. thanks for informing me. But alright, i’ll just change the content to if you want it to be more exact, there’s a link in the comments.

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Nice Guide! Yeah cutscenes are a great addition to maps!

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Nice guide! Remember, pictures are powerful!


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