How to make a custom Gim for your thumbnails

The title explains


First, go to:

Second, go to Google and look up “Default Gimkit Skin”, and and press blank ones until you find one with a checkered background(like so)

On photopea, go to upload from computer

And choose the file

It should look like this:

Then go to “File”, in the top-left corner

Then go to the second option, “Open and place”

Click the same file as before.

That’s the prep!

Actual making

Now go to the “Background” section

In the bottom-left corner, go to the two white squares.

Change them to whatever colors you want

Select the tool between the eraser and water drop

Draw a line to your liking, you will see the result

Now go to the other section

Use the wand tool
Click anywhere outside the Gim
Now go back to the gradient tool.
Click outside the Gim.
Save it.

This took like 2 hours(with a 20-min break in between)
Huffs :slight_smile:
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Nice guide, I hope this makes Gimkit Discovery look Slightly better Even though trending is still trash I hope people start using this for thumbnails, also nice guide, this could make Some thumbnails look better. Anyway nice guide @BMW23


Nice guide @BMW23 ! it was very helpful

There is no question mark…

Thank you!

How to make custom gims for your thumbnail! (4/10 or :yellow_square:)
This guide already exists.
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Ik it exsists, this is another method.
Also, I was going to publish it first, but my forums glitched and the draft deleted.


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