How to make a Chess Board(Not the mechanics)

Oh yeah, one more thing, I’m pretty sure white squares are always going to be in the right bottom corner for a chess board.

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Yep, white on the right!

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Yeah I messed up the board because I forgot one extra row

its ok, just add one more row and then shift white down one row.

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Remember! Queen gets her color.

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I have now fixed the board !

Yeah I fixed it now. Thx!

Great! As a chess person this is a cool guide!

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(Queens are in the wrong place…)

Thank you!!

NOT AGAIN. Lemme fix it

Wait. I just checked. They are in the right place


King on the offensive
(AKA the other’s color)

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Oh my bad I swapped black and white


Hey, at least you care to fix the mistake. Good for you!

Also, us having to remake a chess board is not the end of the world.

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I just fixed it. Thanks for telling me!


maybe you should put in the emojis to use for people to copy and paste straight from the guide

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Thank you for telling me! I just added it to the post!

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