How to make a certain admin option

So I’m making an rp game where a server will be up for as long as I can, but I wanna make an option where you can freeze players meaning I can open my panel. Freeze someone. Then remove them from the game or send them to jail. Pretty much I want a whole suite of Punishment options for players in these servers. Can someone help me do this.

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Try using this:


For this wouldn’t you need to have 60 different buttons and relays?

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I’ve already made that the system for it I just wanna know how to make a freezing players option

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Yeah, but I don’t feel like scrolling through 100000 different buttons and relays

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u could use a speed modifier with the speed set to 0

True but what I’m trying to figure out is how I select which player I would like to freeze so I can remove them if they causing trouble

you could use pseudo - teaming i think

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but how would I select the team easily ya know without having to use 1 million different popups

I think pseudo would work though

you could have buttons for each team and label them with text

but I’ve run into a tiny problem with this
The Max # of Teams is 30 meaning I would have to cut server size in 1/2

wdym 30? The max is 60 i’m pretty sure

without the team switcher, they w
ill be split into 60 teams i think

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Thats in the map settings menu I mean I can see if I can set myself to 60 but idk

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nevermind it worked just had to put it in Co-Op Mode Now I need to

  1. Fine a way to put EVERY PLAYER out of 60! into 1 team
  2. Test this plus the freezing feature with 60 Players

How about you make 1 player per team.

Thats what im oing
now how do I Make every player be on one team

Place down a relay and a team switcher.

Relay Trigger → Switch Player’s Team (should switch to the team you want).