How to make a “car”

  • Take a barrier and make it non visible, not on at game start, with it turning on when reviving car and turning off when receiving car off

  • Copy it at the edge of all roads

  • Make a garage that has a button that connects to a speed modifier for x4 speed. Put the barrier around the garage, so that you can go from it to the road

  • Turn on all barriers when it is purchased, and make a button pop up when that happens that says get out of car

  • Make it so that when the button is clicked all of the barriers turn off, and the person is set to 1x speed.

And there you go! A “car”!

(If anyone has an idea for putting a car image over the player, please put it below.)

Nice guide @Eeveeborg! Since this is an art guide, I would suggest adding pictures so people can see the final result.

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Art? What???

It’s an art guide.

It doesn’t have art, all of the barriers are invisible

Anything except laser beams cannot be invisible while editing

Nice job!

this isn’t art, if you read it, you can clearly see that its a guide to make a barrier function like a car.

nice guide, eeveeborg!

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You could make the path somewhat linear (This could help for less confusion while playing, and a car dosen’t necesairly move like a player!) This is a really great guide, with the game overlay, but you could try what I did with the skateboard! After all, most roads are right/left, or sometimes vertical!


can i plz see it w/ pictures

From @WolfTechnology

Barriers can be “not” seen in editing mode if you have no outline and 100% transparent