How to Make a Buyable Stun

First, make a vending machine. When the item is bought, it should broadcast on “Start Stun”. Make a trigger. Make a global number property named “Stunner Team”. Make the trigger receive on “Start Stun”. In the blocks, it should set “Stunner Team” to the triggering player’s team number. After that, make it broadcast on “Stun Go to Relay”. Make a relay that broadcasts to all other players on “Stun”. Make a block in a popup that receives on “Stun” Put these blocks in:
Make the popup open on “Open Stun”.

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Is this finished?


Yes. It is.

Oh… what is it suposed to do?

a pop up would not make a very good stun why not try an movement meter that activates on stun and deactivates when the stun is over so the player cant just speed run close the popup

You can stun all other teams with a popup.

So make them unable to move?

or nevermind it applies for all not just the player when using the movement meter if only the movement meter could be configured for teams


No… The movement meter idea would work. Just add a movement meter that receives on “Open Stun”.

It would be easier to just use a movement metter that is for everyone’s team and stuff…

Ya I feel like that’s easier, more effiecient, and better.

what he said ^

Well, I still like the idea of knowing who stunned you, so you can just add the movement meter. Also, you would need a trigger with a 2 second delay that deactivates the movement meter.

True, but you could use a notification or something.

so trigger that gets triggering player name and puts it on the popup


You can use a relay to alter the speed for everyone.

You can connect a repeater to the relay for a longer stun.