How to make a button show up for one person for me its game host pls help waiting until 6:45 maybe 7:00

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Make the button be default deactivated. Use a game start lifecycle to activate it.

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can you furter explain kida confused sry tho :sweat_smile:

This is the button settings:

And make the lifecycle broadcast on “Host Game Start”.

I think there’s a solution for overlays in my guide:
All fnaf mechanics

yo i meant game overlay sry for confusion😅

yeah, I think that it’s in the 2nd link

Sorry for giving you the wrong thing. Christal’s link should work.

thx you :grinning: bye maybe ill see if work

never mind, I forgot to add it

wait christal can you remember how to do it

wait, let me check my map

okay reply if you done

make a lifecycle and make it wait for game start. make a relay and wire the lifecycle to the relay, then set the wire settings as: “event occurs → trigger relay”. now set the relay settings to “relay audience → all players on specific team” and set the team you want the overlay hiding for. finally, wire the relay to the overlay, and make the wire settings: “relay trigger → hide overlay”

for the other team, do the same thing but change the last wire setting to: “relay trigger → show overlay” and set the team to the team you want it showing for

but i want it to go for game host

then put the host on another team

how to set which team host be on

sorry, not sure but you can always search

Ye use game overlay. With the button. Of course

thank you crhistal getrithekid and nothing it worked