How to make a 'bully' situation in Gimkit (Credits to @mysz) [Difficulty: 🟩]

This is for Gimkit Roleplay games, but it also could be used for other things.
Step 1 -To start off, you need to make a talking sentry using this guide:Quest Guide Part 1
Step 2- After that is done change that sentry to your team. Also make the words like ‘can you help me with defeating the bully’?

Step 3- Make another sentry but make this one not on the team, and make the words he says rude.

Step 4- Make sure ‘Bully’ is inactive as game starts. Make a channel from the button connect to the sentry in the “Activate when”.
Step 5- Any zones you around Bully with no fire zone, he cant fire you there. So add a lot so he can’t hit you.
Step 6- If Bully is invisible to you, do these extra steps. Add a zone and add a popup that says WARNING: Bully is right in front of you but you can’t see him.
and connect the zone to the popup. [Player enters zone-Open Popup]
Step 7- (THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL) If you want to get something for knocking out Bully add an item granter and connect to Bully. [Sentry knocked out-grant item]

Here is the final-

Hope you like this tutorial! Tell me the difficulty below, thanks!

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