How to Make a Boss That is NOT just a Sentry (0/10)

Iโ€™m sure people have done this before but none that I know of.

Step 1: Get a Sentry and give it boss stats (Lots of HP, Legendary Weapon, Max Accuracy and Fire Rate)

Step 2: Get a prop and move it over the sentry but set it to no collision so the Sentry can still shoot.

Step 3: Add some stuff so it has some life. (Eyes, Limbs, etc) Mine is atrocious so I hope you could do better lol

Step 4: Put in your map for use in order to create an intimidating boss!


Good guide! Iโ€™ll put this in my game!:grimacing:

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You couldโ€™ve add this in this guideโ€ฆ


or this one


looks and sounds cool. will definitely use this at some point.

This is just decorating a sentry, and THEHACKER120 said,