How To Make A Alert

I want A Item To Spawn Every 10 Minutes But I Want An Alert To Tell Everyone Playing That The Item Spawned, How Though (P.S I Reached The Max Replies A New Person Can Get So I Cant Reply So Just Tell Me And I Will Check It.)

You could add a notification and a repeater…
Let me know later if that works.

There’s already a notification when you get an item.
You could use a repeater that runs every 600 seconds that sends a notification.

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That’s exactly what I meant, but whatever

Can item spawners spawn an item every ten minutes? If so, just sync up a timer set to ten minutes (look it up, PLEASE don’t ask me how to make one) and when the timer stops, broadcast on a channel that sends the notification and reset the timer.

How To Use The Repeater @ABCD ?

You can find how to use a repeater here!

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Short Guide: A guide to your types of repeaters ( đźź©)

You Mean The Wire Repeater Clock?

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I mean ANY type of timer. Whatever works best/you know about.

I Saw Your Prop Ideas! I Made The Flaming Candle For My Lobby.

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Is This Correct For The Repeater Of The Alarm?

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