How to make 2 overlays that track how many players are in a team

Like both of these teams, for example:

There’s 10 players that are in team 1. Everyone on Team 1 is alive, so the game overlay will track the players like this:

Team 1: 10/10

Now 2 of them gets knocked out by Team 2, and they can’t respawn. So the game overlay changes to this:

Team 1: 8/10

How do i make this system?

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ok so first you would need a live player counter for both teams
Here’s a guide

But make the relay all people on a certain team instead of all players

Then make two overlays that track the property of each team number. In the overlay’s blocks, make it
Set text:Create text with Get Property Team 1 number

Do that for both teams.


You’re going to have to use some kind of a live player counter to find the players on each team. (provided below):

Then, use a lifecycle wired to a team switcher Player Knocked OutSwitch Team to Spectator. After that, wire that same lifecycle to the counter, decrementing it.

(when 2 people reply with the same thing and the same guide)

You should probably use LL22’s version, it’s easier to do.


@wingwave @LlamaLady22 Thanks for helping! I’ll put Llama as the solution since she replied first.

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Don’t forget to do this

From what wingwave said


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