How to let one collision prop and a non-collision prop automic exhange positions in repeat while moving?

I play the game mode on discovery page, and something quite impress me. One prop allow collision exchange position with a prop without collision in repeat. Therefore, as the player, we need to control the time. How can we do this?

So, the props activate and deactivate in a certain amount of time, right?

I mean if you want to know how to build it then I think that what you are describing is either a simple animation or an animation with a twist to it

Can you elaborate on the topic?

You could probably use a movement meter with something else. Was it a barrier or a prop? Js to make sure. I cant test rn due to mobile…

Yes, you get my point.

You might have to put double props in same spot to switch between them.

So it means that there are two props. When one props without collision the other does, and they just exchange the role of who can collision in a set of period.
That’s it

Have two props that are set to not shown on game start.
Lifecycle > Trigger loop/Repeater > Wire to wire repeater 1 & repeater 2; have the time interval of both wire repeaters to whatever you want.
Wire Repeater 1 wire to Prop 1 (Show Prop) and wire to Prop 2 (Hide prop)
Wire Repeater 2 wire to Prop 1 (Hide Prop) and wire to Prop 2 (Show prop)

Tell me if this works, I haven’t tested this yet.

Wow, it is working. Thank you so much!

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