How to leave an area but have another team come back to stop gaining points (Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩 )

This is for @Orbit. This can have you go to a zone then leave that zone and continue gaining points but the other team can go to that zone and stop you gaining points.

Step 1: Place a zone and 2 wire repeaters.

Step 2: Place a repeater

Step 3; Change the settings and wire

Step 4: Place a trigger and property device

The blocks:
Screenshot 2023-09-08 07.10.01

Thank you for making this guide! I now finally know how to make This or That!

Nice guide. Could you specify what it does more clearly? I didn’t understand what it did? Is it like a tycoon where other people can steal your money?

thanks will try this when i get free time.

Nice job!

Nice guide.

What is the point of this or that? I only played once, and I never figured out the point.

You pick an options out of 2 then you keep it and another option shows up which could be better which you could then take or keep your own and it can go on for a while

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It’s basically like Would You Rather, but with the host’s opionions. For example, when the host says “WOULD I RATHER EAT PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA OR NOT? BLUE IF YES RED IF NO” And if people picked blue, they’ll turn into ghosts. If people picked red, they’ll earn points.

So what happens if you are a ghost?

You’re out of the game and you won’t earn any points. (Unless if you make alts, you’re kicked out.)

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