How to kill a person to give you a specific Item

Because I made a Guide for bounties and cant figure out how to add the specific item drop part to the Person who has an bounty on their head

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(Lifecycle) Player Knocks Out —> (Item Granted) Grant Item


(Lifecycle) Player Knocks Out —> (Trigger) Trigger

If you’re using blockcode

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could you show me with images?

(Did they patch the sprite glitch or is it just because I am on the default gim???)

yes they fixed it no worries

now what do I connect the trigger to

You don’t need anything to connect the trigger to, just use a randomizer for the bounty rewards

well I did it and didnt get the money

You must’ve got the random event that didn’t give you the money.
What is your blockcode?

the same as the guide I made what Do I add now to do what I want?

You have to use the broadcast message on channel block to grant you the money.

Heres my code where do I add the code I need

Why are you using a notification device for the blockcode?
You can just use a Broadcast Message On Channel block to send a signal to grant both the cash and to send the notification.

Well how my code works is, based on how much you murder theres a chance you will become a bounty. so what I need is a thing that will put money on that bounties head

You’d have to use coordinate systems and large amounts of text.

I still dont understand =(

Well what if I dont want checked squares?

Cant I just put a waypoint on someone? to make it easier?

Yeah a relay (random player) and a waypoint.
That’ll be more easier, just realized

but Its a specific person!