How to kill a person to give you a specific Item

No, the setting you are thinking about is specific team.

and the place I want it in is a free for all

The Random Player setting would still work.

get a knockout manager, and if knockout manager detects knockout give item from item granter, make sure the item granted is a rare, specific item

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not even close @2029bensonVin This may take another lil while

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what do you need help with @Gimkitsuggestor

I know how to do that but I need a specific person to drop an item

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ohh, well then im sorry I can’t help you with that, im not not so good with block code (im intermediate at it)

I can’t help you either because i don’t know code but i know @WolfTechnology knows how to do this @Gimkitsuggestor


wolftech knows a lot about GKC

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Notifications are the cheapest block code device, though I don’t think that’s what they had in mind.
As for your reply directly after this, there’s no need for a coordinate system, is there? All you need is a player ID system and/or a way to track who murders who.

And @Gimkitsuggestor if you’re looking for a way to have a specific bounty on someone’s head, you’d just need to use the “Triggering Player’s Name” block in a signal from a KO manager. Set a property equal to that, and then you can do some operations to make their bounty equal to the number of kills they have.


could you show me images?

was this solved? It seems reaaaally simple…

You can use the single player on each team relay for this.