How to have item granters locked behind a pay wall

also can i health mulipliters?

You can use a vending machine.

And I don’t think you can multiply health.

and no, I don’t think you can have a health mulipliters

its not a one way out type of game is a team ko game (also thats sad for health multipliters)

I’m guessing item spawners, right? Item spawner, the thing that spawns stuff on the ground and you can pick it up?

You can make a barrier In front of your item spawners. After, they can’t get in. So, place a vending machine, make the body not visible in game, choose your prices, then make it transmit a channel, lets say, channel A. Make it so that channel A deactivates the vending machine, and deactivates the barrier too.

make it less specfic please. (if u can)


So item spawner. Place in room. Got it? Good job! Now change the settings to your liking.

Make a barrier covering the room. That’s your pay wall.

Place vending machine. Change the price and name to liking. Make it transmit a channel. Let’s do DeactivatePayWall

Make vending machine deactivate on DeactivatePayWall

Also make Barrier deactivate on DeactivatePayWall

Now you can’t buy the upgrade again, but also make it so you can go through your barriers. (Hopefully this is simplified enough)

this is good but what about for one team(s)?

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To have them behind a wall have a vending machine called buy wall and when purchased hide barrier allowing the person into the area if you only want it to apply for one person or team use a relay.

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Yeah, Make it so the barrier is on team scope.

After, remember that channel A I talked about?

Put a relay to a specific team, lets say team 2, make that relay transmit a channel to activate the barrier.

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If you want something lock behind a paywall,

  1. Use Barriers, that disappear after you pay it something.
  2. Use a vending machine to grant it, without the barrier.

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