How to get ur trust level up?

I need help on how to get my trust level up.


heres the link that shows how to do that \

[quote=“[PSA] Improved Trust Levels Guide, post:1, topic:10393”]
Continuing the discussion from (loudspeaker PSA) Trust Levels by @Argo77 : How to Check your Trust Level In, you may see badges for trust levels: [image] You might be wondering what those are. These are the built-in trust levels for Discourse. There are two ways to check your trust level: In your usercard, the very first badge will always indicate your trust level. If you are a TL0 user, then you will not have this badge.

I read this and its not showing trust level I’m very confused and need help (BTW sorry I’m new here kinda so u know)

NM I got it and see my trust level thanks u guys :slight_smile:

copy and paste the link I showed in a new tab

don’t worry I got it thanks :slight_smile:

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