How to gain health over time

Me and MazingMan (Yeaaahhh the person who just got flagged. KInda puts a bad picture on me, dosn’t it?) Anyway, me and MazingMan just finished Minecraft in Gimkit, and we added health regeneration. This guide is how to make it so that we regen health

First, you’re going to need a lifecycle, relay, health granter, and a repeater.

Make the stop strategy When Receiving on a channel, and the time it takes to repeat is the gap beetween health grants.
With the health granters, you need the Grant Type to be Health, then Shield and for the amount, put the amount of health you want to grant per generation

And we’re already done with the devices, now time for the wires.

First, connect the LIfecycle and the Repeater to make “When event occurs start repeater”

Next, connect the repeater and the Relay to make it "Repeater Runs Task, Trigger Relay. The relay is to make sure *Everyone * heals

Last, connect the Relay and the Health Granter to make it “Relay Trigger, Grant Health”

Go test it with a sentry and you regain health as you take damage! If you want to start gaining health one by one from a different activator, you dont need to use the lifecycle to start. So, have fun using this! This is also my first post so I hope I did good!


nonetheless, nice first guide!

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Nice guide! It doesn’t have pictures, but your new and you can’t really add pictures. Next time, just wait until you are allowed to add screenshots to your guides.

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wait. new users can’t use pics??? I had no idea lol

I tried to make my first goomba pixel art guide on my first day. I couldn’t publish it because I couldn’t add pictures :sob: :sob:.

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this is kinda like this:

but also

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